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Well-being of your biological system and resonate deep within your cells with enchanting period of meditation and soothing sacred sound vibrations!

Aural Healing

Uniquely designed sound vibrations for a complete holistic experience that includes mind, body and spirit.

Mantra Meditation

Mindfulness practices where repetition of a word or phrase helps settles the mind and create a deeper spiritual connection.


Personal meditative space along-with distinct techniques that helps one in achieving harmonic balance.

Hatha Yoga

Strike the body with the challenge of the postures and the mind into singular focus and cultivating awareness.

Nature Therapy

Cultivate sense of connection with nature and guide your receptive presence to the natural world.

Seek Enlightenment

Roadmap to Enlightenment provides you a literal map of consciousness as you travel along the path of obtaining enlightenment.

About tunezero

A universally derived system works for maintaining a balance between everything & nothing /dual or non-dual approaches. It’s a state or the reduction of the force, effect, or value of something to gain either maximum or nothing within limits of limitless approaches. A system solely derived for every individual’s personal composites and choices. which follows the principle of natural order, regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within.

A system designed practically for singularity /unified approach for obtaining maximum brainwave state, with the information and experiences dueling between existing or non-existing, conscious or subconscious, sound or soundless realm. It is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state.

About moksh (moksh.eco)

Moksha is a 16-acre Permaculture farm surrounded by Forests!

Features of the farm include chickens, fruit orchards, year-round vegetables, bees, edible mushrooms, culinary and natural herbs, grains, grey water and solar systems, natural buildings, and more. While it is just a few kilometers away from sandy beaches, it is nestled in a small, well-protected a coastal valley and enjoys moderate temperatures year round.

Moksha has no boundaries, the interchange between local village communities, tribals , wildlife and farm life is immense. It is not uncommon to see fox, boars, peacocks, hawks, quail, frogs, deer, and unusual migrating birds come through the garden, as well as the occasional wild cat. The farm is also home to resident humans and receives experience seekers from all around the globe each year.

Healing harmony clinic

It’s more than just a Homeopathy Clinic! Our holistic approach is not restricting to just homeopathy, infact it is not confined by borders and timezones as well! Be it Homeopathy, Diet, Counselling or Meditation, our consultation and programs are designed to be followed from across the globe.

karvaan ( Upcoming Event )

its a trip designed in collaboration with Tunezero /Harmony healing & Moksha for your well being. A journey to the core layers that exist within you with the help of Meditation, Sound healing, Breathing techniques, Nutritional food, Yoga in an isolated and well designed natural environment far far away from the concrete jungle that we live in.

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